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"At ARTIN, they walk the talk."

One of the biggest challenges is to find a software development supplier who is able to keep the promises regarding budget, scope, and deadlines.

12 out of 13 teams complained about the work, but ARTIN got into it and nailed it. We all encounter tough tasks–tricky, unpopular, tedious, or downright complex. It is refreshing to have someone step up and tackle them for you, ensuring they’re not just completed but mastered. ARTIN helped us many times right where we needed additional hands or senior problem-solvers. We have been cooperating for 9 years now and I have a feeling there will be a couple more years.
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Martin De Martini
CIO and Founder of Y Soft
18 years ago, we decided that our internal logistics app would be created by ARTIN and we definitely do not regret it. Thanks to their innovative approach, we have streamlined the tracking of vehicles and movement of goods, and that’s why we could grow so quickly in recent years. The app that ARTIN developed for us on the green field took everything into account, so nothing technical stood in our way on our journey upwards.
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Petr Šťastný
General Manager of MOSS logistics s.r.o.
ARTIN transformed our development process. Their expertise untangled our codebase, resulting in significant improvements. With their timely and bug-free delivery, we now focus on empowering users with intuitive mapping tools. A year-long collaboration that truly paid off.
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Mapping tool company based in the USA

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