We move software solutions and corporate culture forward to be an inspiration for others.
An incredible team of high-level software developers and IT business experts.

During the past 25 years, we have grown to a workforce of more than 200 Artinians

> Software developers
> Project managers & Scrum masters
> Business analysts
> User experience experts
> Quality assurance engineers


Our most valuable assets are the expertise of each Artinian and our strong team spirit - it's in the people.

We have created and successfully maintained unique company culture based on shared values, organic knowledge sharing, and mutual respect.

The continuous desire to push the boundaries of software creation is a significant driving force for us.

By continually enhancing the hard and soft skills of each Artinian, we grow without limits.

Bold yet simple solutions.

We are also applying cutting-edge technologies on a daily basis, merging them with appropriate and efficient traditional methods to deliver the best possible project outcomes.

Those are the keys to providing our customers with high-quality, fast, and reliable solutions built on long-term partnerships and strong relationships.


We are a core part of the ARTIN Group - an associated cooperating portfolio of projects in innovation, software development, robotics & AI.

The whole group is pushing the boundaries for the benefit of business, knowledge, and society.

Furthermore, we take social and environmental responsibility seriously, as evidenced by our #ARTINCares program.

In line with our values, we've decided to implement solar power for our operations, showcasing our commitment to eco-conscious practices and a more sustainable business model.

We're here as well