Case study:
Improving User Experience in Big Data for Ataccama ONE

Dedicated team - Data Management

Ataccama ONE is a groundbreaking technology platform that streamlines the management and governance of big data using powerful AI. It's designed to handle routine tasks and automatically predict future needs, making it an essential tool for businesses to leverage big data effectively.

A Strategic Response to Users' Needs

In response to growing customer demands, Ataccama partnered with ARTIN, a leader in innovative software solutions. This partnership, initiated in May 2022, began an exciting journey to enhance team collaboration within the Ataccama ONE platform.

Previously, users of Ataccama ONE experienced disjointed communication, often resorting to email or Slack. Recognizing the need for a more integrated solution, Ataccama prioritized improving this aspect.

ARTIN assembled a team of five professionals, including software developers, a UX designer, and an analyst. As the project grew in complexity, so did the team, which now includes eight members.

Enhanced User Experience through Innovative Features

Together, they developed two key features: a task board similar to Kanban board tools and a team management workflow. These features enhance user experience and streamline task and workflow management across the platform, making future development faster and easier.

These comprehensive solutions have replaced previous partial solutions, integrating seamlessly with new and existing features. A result is a highly efficient collaboration that delivers high-quality, speedy results and enhances the user experience across the platform.

The partnership between Ataccama and ARTIN exemplifies the power of successful teamwork. By fostering a shared company culture that emphasizes open communication and progress sharing, they've unlocked new solutions and experiences. Their joint efforts have put Ataccama on track to become a unicorn company, with its value nearing 1 billion USD.

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