Case study:
Transformation of Time-Consuming Insurance Paperwork into an Automated App

Dedicated Team - Insurance

The insurance industry is full of conventional processes that no longer make sense in today‘s digitalized world. Luckily, the world‘s leading insurance company quickly realized they needed to reshape some of their insurance agents‘ practices to enter a new era of efficiency and seamless operations.


The manual entry of client details onto paper forms was a significant hurdle, resulting in low productivity and inefficiency. The need for improvement, expedited processes, and a streamlined document management system became apparent.


Our expert team tackled this task by creating a state-o-the-art spplication from the ground up. Besides the complete digitalization, it also introduces automation, further optimizing critical processes such as client needs analysis, ID verification, and valuation.


The client received a sophisticated, highly efficient solution, that sped up the whole insurance proposal process. We created a user-friendly app that allows users to navigate almost instantly, without the need for extensive onboarding. Following the implementation of our app in seven countries, with further expansion plans, the client continues to entrust ARTIN with addressing new challenges in this dynamic industry.

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