Case study:
From Complexity to Clarity: A Journey in Code Enhancement

Dedicated Team - Tech Industry

To support a provider of powerful mapping tools, we offered a readily available team to help relieve the client's in-house developers from the burden of traditional onboarding. Together, we embarked on the challenge of reworking the old codebase while optimizing project management.


Our client aimed to update their web application with clear goal to empower users with intuitive mapping tools and advanced data visualization. However, employee turnover disrupted the processes of their in-house team. This led to inconsistent code, hindering overall development progress.


After a deep analysis of the existing code and steady expansion of our cooperation, ARTIN’s developers identified pain points and untangled code complexities. Ensuring timely delivery without compromising the app’s quality, we also introduced automated testing and implemented changes to project management, streamlining processes beyond coding.


Our year long collaboration resulted in significant improvements such as rendered the old code unrecognizable and bug-free, as well as in completion of frontend development. This partnership allowed the in-house developers to concentrate solely on their tasks, as ARTIN’s skilled team seamlessly integrated without the need for additional onboarding.

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