Java Developer

Are you enthusiastic about crafting and managing state-of-the-art technical ecosystems that drive digital products and services? Are you a problem-solving guru with a passion for enhancing efficiency through automation? We're on the hunt for a skilled Java developer to join our team and collaborate on a client project. Join us!

What can you expect in this project?

  • Infrastructure as Code (IaC) Mastery: Create and maintain IaC using Terraform or Ansible to automate and uphold our cloud infrastructure.
  • CI/CD Wizardry: Implement and manage CI/CD pipelines using GitLabCI (YAML) and Jenkins (Groovy) for streamlined software delivery.
  • Cloud Wizard: Oversee the development and operation of services in our Azure private/public cloud infrastructure.
  • Container Connoisseur: Lead cloud projects based on container technologies to ensure seamless deployment and scalability.
  • Team Player: Collaborate closely with cross-functional SCRUM teams to manage incidents and swiftly resolve issues.
  • Proactive Monitoring: Implement and manage monitoring solutions to proactively identify and address potential hiccups.
  • Architect Extraordinaire: Participate in designing and architecting cloud-based solutions for diverse projects.

This project & position require:

  • You will be responsible for setting up and maintaining the technical foundation of our digital products and services.
  • Working in collaboration with the IT department (RUN), you will deploy and operate our systems, automate and streamline operations and processes, build tools for deployment, monitoring, and troubleshooting.
  • Your contributions will be instrumental in ensuring the smooth functioning and continuous improvement of our critical IT infrastructure.
  • You are proficient in English at a communicative level.

What you get in return:

  • Working with cutting-edge technologies daily, seamlessly blending them with time-tested, efficient methods. Check out ARTINs tech stack - TechRadar.
  • We have a continuously growing number of exciting projects - each special in its unique way. When you feel ready for a new challenge, you can switch between projects allowing you to grow as you experiment in a new environment. Embrace our culture of learning by doing.
  • Our team believes in creating a healthy life-work balance. We openly communicate to find a rhythm that works for both the project and the individual's needs. We offer an unlimited annual leave policy, allowing you to take as much time off as you need without worrying about hitting a specific limit.
  • We are remote-first, meaning you may work from anywhere you want. No mandatory face-to-face meetings are required, but you are always welcome to visit our Brno and Prague offices.

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