Case study:
From Vision to Kick-off Sports Data Collection Web App

Dedicated team - Tech Industry

In the fast world of sports broadcasting, a leading company aspired to create a web tool to gather and annotate data as events or locations from live matches, primarily football, and offer advanced data visualisation capabilities.


The first goal was clear. Create a demo of the complex web application offering features from several desktop apps. Time was of the essence. The team had to prioritise features for the demo in just three months.

The tool has to be scalable for future development, handle various media formats, and offer data visualisation, such as replaying match or showcasing players’ positions.


Starting from ground zero, the team crafted a web-based demo SaaS application. This solution allowed the client to showcase of the app’s usage and raise funds for the following development.


In six short months, the company had a robust and scalable application at their fingertips. This tool unified previously fragmented systems and set the stage for long-term expansion and adaptability.

This case exemplifies the potential of strategic planning, cutting-edge technology, and a dedicated team that can bring fast results.

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