Site Reliability Engineer for print solutions

We're looking for a Site Reliability Engineer (SRE) team member with on-call duties to manage and oversee our print services hosted on AWS. You will play a critical role in ensuring system reliability, infusing SRE principles into the company culture and processes, and responding to system emergencies in a 24/7 setup.

What can you expect in this project?

  • Monitor and manage the cloud print service, ensuring high availability and reliability within the AWS environment.
  • Develop and implement tools and practices for automating routine tasks to improve system scalability and resilience.
  • Set up alerts and monitoring metrics for proactive identification and mitigation of system issues.
  • Participate in capacity planning and performance tuning to enhance system performance.
  • Collaborate with software engineering teams to ensure seamless deployment, efficient trouble-resolution, and effective crisis management.
  • Conduct root cause analysis following system incidents - post mortems; define corrective actions and preventative measures.
  • Education and Training: Act as an educator and advocate for SRE best practices. Train and mentor cross-functional teams in SRE principles.

This project & position require:

  • Fluent English, good communication skills.
  • Experience in an SRE role.
  • Proficiency with AWS and its various services and resources.
  • Solid understanding of the software development life cycle, CI/CD pipelines.
  • Problem-solving skills, with the ability to think systematically.
  • Knowledge of networking, security, and database systems.
  • Availability for on-call duties in a 24/7 setup.

What you get in return:

  • Working with cutting-edge technologies daily, seamlessly blending them with time-tested, efficient methods. Check out ARTINs tech stack - TechRadar.
  • We have a continuously growing number of exciting projects - each special in its unique way. When you feel ready for a new challenge, you can switch between projects allowing you to grow as you experiment in a new environment. Embrace our culture of learning by doing.
  • Our team believes in creating a healthy life-work balance. We openly communicate to find a rhythm that works for both the project and the individual's needs. We offer an unlimited annual leave policy, allowing you to take as much time off as you need without worrying about hitting a specific limit.
  • We are remote-first, meaning you may work from anywhere you want. No mandatory face-to-face meetings are required, but you are always welcome to visit our Brno and Prague offices.


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