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It’s in the people”

Great bosses that know exactly what it is like to be a programmer.

Experienced colleagues that will always reserve a minute to give you advice.

Friendly atmosphere, big and courageous projects, zero bureaucracy.

Thanks to all this we feel comfortable here in ARTIN. We hope that you will too.

How does it work here?


Onboarding is gradual and you can count on support everytime.

Either you get on a project right away, or you will work on something internal for the first few days. Since day one there will be your Personal Leader looking after you – he is a senior colleague who leads the team and takes care about your comfort and that you are informed about what is expected from you.


We work in small teams, often right at our client’s premises.

Most common are teams of 2-3 people, the biggest team has 16 members, but there is also a possibility that you will end up on a project alone. Many of us do sit right at our client, which depends on a project. It is also up to you, where you want to work.


Projects usually last half a year. When your project ends, we find you a new one.

Similar or even better. Also depending on your preference. This is one of the things that keeps people in our company for long years. Projects won’t let us stagnate, we move from challenge to challenge and we try to take something out of every one of them.

Our people do not leave us.


Freedom and trust

We organise our work by ourselves. Someone arrives at 6 AM, someone likes to sleep late and comes by at 10 AM. We were among the first to introduce unlimited vacation.

Cool projects

Tailored software for T-Mobile, ČEZ or Slovak Scouts. Detection of lung cancer. Roboauto. Projects will motivate you to learn new things continuously.

ARTIN people

There are more than 240 of us. We work together, have fun together, go to pub together, or we go skiing. We are a group of people that get along with each other.

What does ARTIN staff have to say about this…

They believe in people and their potential

I was given a chance. I had no hands-on experience but I was assigned to an internal project where I learned everything step by step. I left the previous job because of the company culture, therefore I really appreciate the real employee-oriented approach. You can learn new things here and the company lets you grow. People here have such support which I have never experienced before.

Jakub Ondráček
Python developer, Brno

We are big and small company at the same time.

Small because we have 57 employees and large because we have offices and customers in different countries. This allows us to work on different types of projects. I tried them a lot, and now I’m doing what I enjoy most. In Bratislava we are a little bit the Mythbusters, because we have a lot of IT girls in our office.

Martin Čupka
Front-End Developer

Self-realization and flexibility

The big advantage of ARTIN is that everyone can find a project to utilize their potential. There are no rules about which technology you must or cannot work with. We have a great deal of freedom such as in what we would like to do and also in working hours.

Tomáš Bílek
Java developer, Praha

ARTIN is second familly

We have great relationships with colleagues and we support each other. Together, we’ve had a lot of teambuildings, so we have also a lot of fun memories. My favorites are from Counter Strike LAN party and skiing.

Michaela Marcinová
Office & Marketing Manager

As a sport enthusiast, I greatly appreciate ARTIN’s sporting events.

We are playing football, swimming and running in a competitions. True story is “Who will once become a part of ARTIN, he will remain it forever.” We are company full of great and friendly people ready to help anytime. I’m glad I belong to this big family.

Filip Brukker
IT Tester

Diversity and zero bureaucracy

I don’t experience stereotype here. Projects, requirements and intergration of new technologies are still evolving, you can be involved even in the development projects. The programmers here are not burdened by complicated administration or decision-making strategy. Things happen easily here.

Jan Trtílek
.NET developer, Brno

I am not ‘just’ an employee

ARTIN is more personal than other companies. Employees here are not seen only as a package of skills and abilities but as real people. It makes a huge difference to me compared to other companies.

Luboš Moravec
Application Consultant, Praha

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