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„It’s in the people“ is not just a hollow catch phrase for us.
You can see that the company trusts you based on absence of processes and managers. Real interest in you is demonstrated by little things that happen everyday. It could be full fridge, chat in the kitchen or the occasion when a colleague organizes a race and the company prints a t-shirts for them.

No matter what, we always stick to these principles.

3 offices = 1 ARTIN


Here is ARTIN’s headquarters. She is just 3 months older than Google! We have almost 200 developers, a magical self-service refrigerator, and we will have our own building soon. We like are making grill parties, cycling, playing paintball, squash and also going to the cinema.

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This is our youngest office. We are constantly growing and so we’ve moved twice to have enough space. Even here you will find a drawer full of sweetmeats.

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This is our office in Slovakia. We have more than 100 employees here and we are sporting, having fun and working in teams. The office has a modern chill out with PS4.

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