IT Sourcer 


Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! We are looking for another member to join our team of six as an IT Sourcer.  

What can and can’t you expect?  

You will be actively looking for new Artists in all possible and impossible ways! You won’t be afraid to come up with dreamy ideas on how to improve recruitment and take it up a level. There is no limit to new ideas. You need to have a basic understanding of IT technologies and terminology. If you already know the difference between Java and JavaScript, you’re on your way! But don’t worry, everything can be learned. Plus, you’ll be around IT people, so you can have first-hand information. You just have to be willing and motivated enough to get started. You’ll be expected to actively communicate with our HR team while collaborating with other colleagues in technical roles.  
But that’s not all, once you get enough traction with us and realise there could be more work to do, you too can take it a step further. Well, what would that look like in practice? As an IT Sourcer or IT Sourcer, you’re well placed to handle all communications with your candidates. This means interviewing candidates, maintaining communication with them throughout the selection process and, if mutually satisfied, arranging the offer and onboarding of new colleagues.  

  • Typical for us is TRUST - we all have real responsibility and can decide on the overall happenings in Artin! An apt example is the ability of our developers to decide on the choice of technologies.  
    OPENNESS is another point that describes us. We tell each other things straight, without fear of having our heads ripped off.  

    We have the COURAGE to stand up for our beliefs and values. We have the courage to change things and move them in the right direction. We embrace challenges.
    DEVELOPMENT is just as important to us. We try new technologies, rewrite code if we know it will be beneficial. We take mistakes as a natural part of development. 

    RELIABILITY. We recognize that working in a team means relying on others and that others rely on us. 


Our benefits are:

  • And what do you get with us? 

     From your position, you can influence the way and content of work, company processes and what you find in our fridges. We have a flat structure and a healthy environment - all Artians interact with each other in a human and stress-free way! We have offices in Prague, Pankrác and Brno, Purkyňová. If you work Remote, we are happy to help you with a scoworking center. Unlimited vacation is something you will definitely love. And if it's still not enough, you can use the allowance for a psychologist or go for a workout with Multisportkarta. There's more, but we'll save that for a personal meeting... 😊

Are you interested?
Let us know!


Send us your CV, LinkedIn Profile or your Portfolio. If we are interested in you, we will invite you to ARTIN where you will meet someone from HR and also a technical person. We will consider your knowledge and introduce you the project on which you can work. And if our requirements meet, we’d like to welcome you to the team.

Looking forward to see you!