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Enterprise Application Integration

Nowadays large information systems (IS) consist of many independent applications. One manages orders, second one is a billing system and manages fees, next one takes care about stock and logistics. Each of them uses own data store – database, file system, LDAP or another middleware. Each of these applications uses different communication protocol from SQL, HTTP, SOAP, own API, to batch processing of files. And the companies are confronted with question – how effectively interconnect these applications and guarantee distribution of data between them? How quick and effectively implement new business processes?
A lot of companies have chosen their way of integration and the result of their effort for last years is bigger chaos in their IS like before, plenty of spaghetti software, bad stratification of logic, problems with another extension and finally reduced competition ability.

Therefore a new IT branch has been formed for couple of last years, which deals with enterprise application integration (EAI) and development of integration platforms, which create a robust base for integration of heterogeneous applications, protocols and formats has begun. Nowadays there are some key players on market (TIBCO, BEA, Oracle/PeopleSoft) that provide integration solutions and one of them is webMethods company. Products from webMethods portfolio offer construction elements for complex integration, monitoring and analysis of data for enterprise systems.

Main advantages of using webMethods products:

  • robust platform for application integration
  • business process management
  • business activity monitoring
  • wide support of applications (Oracle, Sybase, SQL Server, SAP, Siebel, JD Edwards, PeopleSoft, MQ Series, …)
  • canonical format of data, support of Web Services and variety of protocols (SQL, HTTP, FTP, SOAP, Java, C++, …)
  • reduce time for development and putting new business processes into production
  • reduce costs for a development and integration of new systems into IS architecture
  • faster adaptation of IS to new changes


Our experience

Our company had and opportunity to participate on several EAI projects based on webMethods platform. We are able to deliver complete delivery, from analysis of environment, specification, design to final integration and acceptance. We are pleased to help you with specification, design and final implementation of your project and we offer you our knowledge and experience in following topics:

  • hardware sizing, topology and installation of webMethods components
  • analyze, specification, design and implementation of business processes
  • analyze, specification, design and implementation of integration logic
  • customization of webMethods products
  • development of custom adapters for custom applications (e.g. we developed adapter for Portal Infranet)
  • specific configuration (high availability, failover and disaster recovery, hardware cluster)
  • consulting

To who is intended solution based on webMethods platform?

Integration and consolidation of enterprise systems is long term process that must be supported by top management and IT division. Its result should be more transparent business processes, better monitoring, faster and more effective respond to new changes and opportunities. This technology is designated for big companies, that are standing before application integration.

If you are interested in our services, please contact us.

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