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Infranet is a billing and customer management system for telco and IP service providers. Main parts of the Infranet functionality are:

  • Customer registration
  • Service provisioning
  • Authentication
  • Authorization
  • Customer activity tracking
  • Billing
  • Account management
  • Data collection
  • Reporting

To determine how much to charge for your specific service the price list must be defined. One or more services from this price list (e.g. Internet access or email) can be assigned to the customer. Customer’s data such as MSISDN, IMSI, IP, login and so no are stored in the Infranet database. These stored data are used to authenticate the customer’s identity and to verify the customer’s authorization to use requested service. Then Infranet measures usage of the service and rates it (e.g. 1 cent per kB) and finally updates customer’s balance. Every specific interval (typically every month) is the customer billed. Customer can be charged to their credit card directly, or send invoices and process payments by many of payment methods. All data stored in the Infranet database you can use to report all facets of your business.


Infranet can be used for real-time rating. Real-time rating is used for services such as Internet access in real time. In the schema below you can see event workflow for real-time rating.


Infratnet system architecture

Infranet is based on a four-tier architecture and can be installed on UNIX or Windows platforms. Infranet also supports database servers such as OracleDB2 and MS SQL Server. The architecture is illustrated in the schema below:



ARTIN has implemented Infranet delivery as a part of the content billing package for the biggest Slovak telco provider – Orange Slovakia. We have several years of experience with this excellent product and we can recommend this application because of its speed, high availability, stability and for easy and fast configuration.

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