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Liferay Portal platform is a complex web portal solution. This solution is based on Java programming language and therefore is platform independent.

When designing portal, it is important to include important parts that are not visible by an eye, but have big influence on overall functionality. These include the services for user authentication and authorization, portal security, limit access to content for individual users or to manage individual connections. One can create these services by himself, but then the author takes all possible risks and their consequences and such portal will be also hard to maintain. Individual components may come from different teams, they will continue on development and each new version will require the re-integration of the whole system. The second option is to use a platform that already contains all required functionality and just put requested services together into one integrated portal. Liferay Portal Platform includes all of the commonly used applications from which web site can be built according to the specific requirements of each customer.

The introduction of web portal within the company can increase its efficiency, accelerate the exchange of information, the data will be available only to relevant persons and will be available at all times. Work with individual applications will also be faster, users won’t have to log into each application separately – just a single logon to the portal, where the applications are integrated, will be needed. And the application itself is the only component that needs to be separately maintained – user management, security, standards support and many other needs procures Liferay Portal itself.

Liferay Portal can be used in several ways, such as CMS for web content management; collaboration platform in the form of sharing information, documents and knowledge; as a social platform or the platform on which the entire site will be built. Because Liferay Portal is an open source project it can be freely modified according to specific requirements, whether it is to add new features or modify existing ones.

ARTIN participates on development of new web portal for ERA postovni sporitelna Portal is built on Liferay EE platform, ARTIN delivers solution for online product sale and set of smaller deliveries for portal’s personalized part.

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