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CSG Intermediate mediation

CSG Intermediate is a convergent mediation system originally made by Intec, development continues under CSG International company. Mediation is a component of telco IT infrastructure for collecting, processing, and distributing data files from a source to destination systems.

ARTIN has implemented CSG Intermediate delivery for Austrian and Czech telco providers. We have several years of experience with this product, we appreciate it for its speed, robustness, monitoring skills and stability. CSG Intermediate is designed for fixed, mobile or IP networks providers. It is UNIX based and runs on HP, Sun and Compaq hardware. The application design supports scalable hardware architecture, from a single computer to a multi-computer distributed system. CSG Intermediate functionality is divided into three general areas: Input, Mediation (Data processing) and Output

CSG Intermediate collects data files based on a schedule or manual request from external systems using a variety of data transfer protocols and data formats (supported are complex record structures including ASN.1 and TAP-3). The Input source is a data system such as a telephone switch, computer system, or tape device.

CSG Intermediate distributes the collected and processed files based on a schedule or manual request to downstream systems in batches. You can configure the Output batch parameters, including file naming, record sorting, batch separation and batch size. The downstream systems are computer systems that perform functions like billing, fraud detection, archive, operational support, or marketing analysis.


CSG Intermediate processes the collected usage records. After CSG Intermediate collects and stores a file, it uses defined Business Logic to execute a sequence of Operations on the file. Each Operation produces one or more processed files that are sent to further Operations or Distribution Portals for delivery to downstream systems. Operations can:

  • Validate records
  • Guide records
  • Filter and Aggregate records (data reduction)
  • Check for duplicate records/files
  • Assemble partial records (Complex Correlation – Long Duration Calls , GSM and IP events)
  • Create new records (Usage Record Cloning, header and trailer generating)
  • Transform/Normalize records
  • Gather statistics about data

If CSG Intermediate encounters an error during processing, it sends the erroneous records or files to the Error Processing System and sends a message to the Error and Alarm Log system.

CSG Intermediate is Reliable and Robust system which automatically attempt to recover interrupted input/output file transfers or Operation processing.

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